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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Vlog2: What is in MY BAG!!!

Ann Yeong!!!
finally i am back from work!!!
(is freaking TIRED)

As you can see from the title
my vlog is about ''What is in MY BAG''

firstly, i would like to say thanks to my little 'dong saeng' which is Fion,
she is the one who invited me to join this collab vlog with other pretty bloggers; 

i am so happy and excited during the vlog making,
again, i need to talk in front of the camera and im still SHY!!!

My Bag is simple but HEAVY.
you may  have a try if you meet up with me...
i think i am a bit abnormal, 
because girls normally will have some cosmetics in the Bag, 
but i am not.
i don't even have a poach for any cosmetics.
haha... (laugh die all of u leh)

so here we are with my second Vlog

(ps:please forgive me for my broken english,
i know i am not good in talking english,
but i am trying my best to talk!!!
also, my round face is so embarrassed. )

how about your bag???
tag me or inbox me if you have make a video about what is in your bag
stay tuned for my 3rd VLOG!!!
support me ya!!!

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