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Monday, October 20, 2014

Boat Noodle @ the School, Jaya One

Aloha People!

Last week, after visiting my friends convocation at Universiti Malaya,
Me and my Matric Sista Jiah Hooi went to The School @ Jaya One to hunt for food.
after discussion, we decided to give a try on Boat Noodle!

This is the menu, 
it was just a simple and clear 
no fancy decoration and design.

A very Thai style restaurant with simple decorations
and wooden chairs and tables...
The environment is great, comfy and clean
and it was a nice place for gathering with friends.

We have ordered 
1 Ka Num Tuay (coconut & pandan dessert)
3 bows of Pathumthani Chicken Thai Rice Noodle
3 bows of Ayutthaya Chicken Thai Rice Noodle
1 Oishi Honey Lemon Green Tea

This is Ka Num Tuay (coconut & pandan dessert), 
the taste is similar with Malaysia's Kuih Talam and
 i love the salty and creamy coconut taste at the top!
RM 1 for 2 pieces

Pathumthani Chicken Thai Rice Noodle (RM 1.90 for each bow)
it is clear soup broth and sourish spicy taste^^ 
i prefer this rather than the Ayutthaya chicken Thai Rice Noodle...
the taste is a little bit of spicy and some soy sauce with fresh vege as topping^^

Ayutthaya Chicken Thai Rice Noodle (RM 1.90 for each bow)
it is creamy soup broth and spicy.
the taste is a bit heavy than Pathumthani Chicken Thai Rice Noodle.

if you feel the taste of the noodle is not strong enough,
you can add in some fish sauce, chili flakes, chili sauce and sugar. 

This Honey Lemon Green tea was famous in Thailand,
we can get it for less than RM 2 in Thailand's 7-11,
BUT at here, we need to pay for RM 3.80 lo....

Me, the round face!

my Matric Sista, Jiah Hooi

At first we think that each of us can take at least 5 bows of noodle,
but may be the taste of the noodle is not really suit to us, 
so at last 2 of us only take 6 bows in total...
i rate that: Price 7/10, Taste 6/10, Environment and service 8/10
so overall i rate it as 7 / 10

I hope you guys enjoy this blog post^^
see you all again^^

Outlet address: 
Empire Damansara, G03a, Heritage Lane
The School @ Jaya One, P2, Same floor as Cold Storage
Ikon Cheras, G Floor
Publika Block C5, Level G3, Lot 30a

Friday, October 3, 2014

20 Facts about Me

Aloha People!

Its me, Im back...
So sorry that i have broke my promise...to update my blog~~~

I know i shouldn't use any excuse to not to blog...
but i have a super hard time during these months.
I have been emotional out of control and i feel like i lost myself.
And i know that if i blog about my feeling here,
 My blog will be very negative thinking blog
So i decided to not update my blog during these hard time.
BUT NOW, all those bad things already a past tense to me.
As a human being, we should look forward for our future. 
So....not much to mention here anymore^^

Firstly, i would like to say thanks Fion for tagging me this 
and thanks to XiXi Khor for encouraging me to blog.
I hope i won't disappointing you all ya^^

Here we are with Ivy Liew's 20 FACTS ABOUT ME

1. I am 90+ generation with a old school thinking.

2. I have a tall looking but actually i am super short, i am only 158cm nia, 
but i am proud of it because being short will many advantages.

3. I love to watch TV for dramas and shows, 
i think i can live without gadgets but not TV lo.

4. My current favorite TV show is Master Chef Australia.

5. My Family is always my first priority.

6. I am currently unemployed and being a kakak at home.

7. I enjoy reading blogs.

8. I love to travel
I have a wish to travel around the world, to further explore my mind and knowledge.

9. I like to observe people and environment.

10. I feel appreciate and thankful for everything in my life
because i know life is short.

11. I love white, royal blue and hot red colour.

12. ''8'' and ''25'' are my favourite numbers.

13. I like to flats rather than heels. 

14. I don't not eat beef.

15. I am not a coffee lover.

16. I love to EAT!!! 
I feel hungry for every 2 hours...
but now i control myself not to eat so much
for health and slimming purpose.

17. I don't know how to Dance lo...
when i dance, my friends will always say that  i dance like a kid.

18. I am a super LAZY person! 

19. I love Cold weather rather than Hot.

20. I have 9 kitties, 1 sheep, 1 sea lion and a Monkey BI.
and i love them^^

Yeah! Finally I have done This^^
I hope that everyone can know more about me through these 20 Facts.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hi Bloggie

A Lo~~~~ Ha~~~~
Finally im here to blog!!!

How is everyone???

Recently, i just finish my internship in an Audit Firm...
erm... not much to talk about my internship...
because it is all about routine work and OT~~
However, i do learn a lot of thing regarding on accounting and auditing. 
and also meet some new friends in the company.
Thanks for giving me this great chance to learn and growth.

I miss blogging so much when i was working...
I have so many things want to share in my blog
but i just 有心无力...
(feel guilty)

But NVM...
I had go through this hard time.
and Now I am here to blog. 

I have make a decision that
i want to give myself a short holiday 
before i really step into next stage of my life
because i need some times to refreshing myself 
and looking forward on what i want in my future
and what i want to be in my future

This is the most tough decision that i need to make 
and i have no other choice
i know that i cannot escape from the reality
because my future is on my hand
is all about how i use my hand to create my future and the life that i desire

don't worry on me...
im fine^^
i just need some times and rest 
i want find the most original of me, myself

i want to share a song that i love the most recently




You never really got to lie
I just need you to say goodbye
Then I'll really let you go
And you'll never see me so just,
Stop wasting my time

I'll never come around you again, No more
This will be the end, now just shut that door
But you'll miss me everyday,
So hurt in every way
It will probably make you wanna go and drive yourself insane
You could have it all but you broke my heart
And now I gotta do what I do
You know you always bring out the best in me
But you played me for a fool 
Why you do that babe
It doesnt have to be this way
But there's no way I could stay

And your eyes, nose, lips
It hunts my memory
I can't forget you if I try
I wanna believe in your lies

And your eyes, nose, lips
It hunts my memory
I can't forget you if I die
Feels like I'm losing my mind

I'm tired, I'm tired, I'm so done
Before you wake up I will be gone
No more sitting home alone
Or waiting for your phone call
You don't deserve my love

Now you can go look for that girl next door
Caus you ain't the one I can call my own
I know you'll miss me everyday
So hurting every way
It will probably make you wanna go and drive yourself insane

You could have had it all, but you chose her
And now I gotta find someone new
You don't even know you had the best in me
Now who looks like a fool
Why'd you do that babe
It doesn't have to be this way
But there's no way I could stay

And your eyes, nose, lips
It hunts my memory
I can't forget you if I try
I wanna believe in your lies

And your eyes, nose, lips
It hunts my memory
I can't forget you if I die
Feels like I'm losing my mind

I wish that I could make this all go way
But it seems there's no way I canescape
But I'll be okay if I never have to see your face again

And your eyes, nose, lips
It hunts my memory
I can't forget you if I try (If I try, If I try)
I wanna believe in your lies (I wanna believe in your lies)

And your eyes, nose, lips
It hunts my memory
I can't forget you if I die
Feels like I'm losing my mind

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Collab Q & A with the Bloggers

A LO HA!!!

Finally, I sitting in front of the lappi to update this Vlog^^

This is third collaboration Vlog with the pretty Bloggers who are WenXi, Maple and Fion.

Im so sorry for the late update due to I am really busy with my internship as well as my studies~~~

Thanks you girls being so patient to wait for me

 Also, giving me this great opportunity to collaborate with you all...

This time,
I am talking in CHINESE... because my english is too....LAO YA
I hope you guys will not mind for it ok???

And support their Vlogs also at the following:

I am sure that their Vlogs will be more Pro and Funny than me lo...kaka...
Without long gas writing here...
Let's START with our Collaboration Q & A VLOG^^


Hope you guys enjoy and please leave me some comment for further improvement...
Thanks^^ Mua..... Mua....

(** Sorry again for the Noisy Fan sound, i hope it would not affect my Vlog**)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

2014 CNY outfit

Happy Chinese New Year
 Gong Xi Fa Cai

CNY is all about getting ang pow, family gathering, gambling, eating and movie time!
as well as me^^
but it was too tired for me
hot weather+play too much+sleep very less+eat too many CNY biscuits
And yet I was fall to sick...
So Now I only can have some time to rest and prepare my internship stuff**

Every day of Chinese New Year was like a fashion show
We dress up, makeup and hair doll...
The most hardest part is choosing which clothes to wear lo!!!

As you guys know that, I am not a fashion blogger.
I do not spend much money on buying new clothes...
Each piece of my clothes ( dress or blouses or jeans or t-shirt) will not more than RM 50!!!
You can save me ''giam siap" or stingy but I don't care!!!
For me, ALL my clothes must be comfortable to wear and reasonable price!!!
(poor student =.=)

Let see what I wear for my first week of CNY^^

Hope you guys enjoy reading and leave some comment on my outfit ok???
Time to bed le... BYE!!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Review on HERMO.my online beauty shop

Today I am going to blog about one of my fav online beauty shop

Firstly, I would like to strongly mention that
'this is NOT an advertorial'
I did not get any pay to write this
I just want to share good thing with everyone here.
**All I write here is base on my own opinion **

'Hermo.my is Beauty Collection. Turning beauty in a click.''

I still remember that,
I got sunburn from Hat Yai trip 
and during that time, I was in my 'jungle' Uni
I have no time to go out to buy skincare product
and there are no any skin care shops around the 'Jungle' area
so I decided to try my first online shopping on Hermo.
My first purchase from Hermo are
 Nature Republic Soothing Gel and Yadah SunCream.
I received the parcel in less than 3 days working time!
It is super efficient!!! 

My second experience is purchasing Laneige and My Beauty Dairy products
After the day I order my skin care products I receive a call from Hermo.my
A guy (i forget his name) tell me that one of my purchase was currently out of stock
which is the Laneige Moisture Care Miniature set
So he asked me that
whether I want to wait for it for a week or change my order
Of course I am willing to wait for that!!!
So he sent me the products that available at first
and in less than 1 week time
I got my Laneige Moisture Care Miniature set and they sent me a free eye mask^^

Also, I like their return policy that ''no question-ask 14 days refund''
which means that if an item or product do not meet our expectation
we can now return the goods to them and get back refund.
I experience this!
I bought a My Beauty Diary cleansing set from Hermo.my
and I found that the expire date was less than 6 months
I was thinking that whether I can return this product to get refund or to get a new product
then, I go through their return policy
and make a call to their customer service as to double confirm the return policy.
Their staff talk with me very friendly and clearly direct me How to return the product to them!!

My third purchase was Miss Hana Products.
As expected, I received it in 3 days time
and I don't know why they sent me a ''sorry card'' for late delivery.
Anyway, I can enjoy further discount on my next purchase!

 I super appreciate their hard work and effective customer service!

These are all the product that i bought from Hermo!

Thanks you Hermo.my <3

Monday, January 20, 2014

2013 Birthday Presents

A LO HA People!
I was enjoying my holidays now
Finally, I'm here to blog!
(being so lazy for days)

I was cleaning my room today and I found that,
 I almost forget to blog about my 22nd birthday presents
sorry for late...^^
thanks so much to my dearest friends and family
I really like the presents so much!!!
**big HUG**

Firstly, close-up lens from my sisters Kay and Kelly
they know that, I want it such a long time... 
and the make my wish come true^^
but I realise that, this small thing is so expensive!!!
anyway, thanks so much my 2 little sister, I love both of you so much <3

Secondly, a new sport shoe from Liew Mami.
Liew Mami say that, my old shoe cannot wear liao,
so she buy this for me lo...and she want me to do exercise more!!
thanks Liew Mami, I think I got to put more effort on slimming down~

Thirdly, a red Thermo from my roommate and Carol.
they know I love red colour and wanna to get me a new thermo!!
thanks so much... I will use it during my intern period^^

Lastly, present from my boy^^
 I am totally have no idea on what is he going to buy for me
but surprisingly, he bought me 'hello kitties''!
I asked him, 'why Hello Kitty? I never say that I like Hello Kitty.'
I refresh my mind and I found that,
 I had been ask him to buy me a 'Mcdonald's Hello Kitty.'
I thought that he was forget about it, but he didn't!!!

He asked his sister to help him buy the 'Mcdonald's Hello Kitty' for me
and He buy another 5 Kitty through online shop.
I remember that, I have been his house before my birthday
and he was successfully hide it from Me
(I din realise that too =.=)
I feel so thankful and surprise, 
and I never think that, he will buy me Kitties for me^^
thanks you dear^^ I will take good care on them...

At first, he got me 6 kitties.
But one day, one of my friend tag me at facebook, 
told me that, Mcdonald is going to launch new Hello Kitties!
HAHA... (nightmare to my boy)
I request him to buy the other 2 kitties for me
so that I can collect the whole series...
Muahaha.... Thanks so much my dear!!!
(thanks to his sister, Eunice, who help us to buy these)

''Hello, we are Hello Kitties, babies to Ivy Liew'' 

Me and my boy give each kitty a name <3

This is DADA

This is 'OH KIA' (black baby in Hokkien)

This is REO


This is MONEY


This is Froggy

This is COOKIE

All of my kitties were by my side every night...
and I am addicted to Hello Kitty now!!!
'Mr. B, can i have more???'
(wakakaka.... muhahaha)

Off to bed now,Good night poeple!
(My boy going to kill me because I was late to sleep again...)