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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Hostel Room Tour

Ann Yeong!!!
today gonna be a collab blog post with Fion Paris 

so i am going to blog about my Hostel Room Tour^^
(above is a video of my ROOM)

as you all know that
currently i am studying in Universiti Utara Malaysia
so this time my room tour will be my hostel room 
which located in Student residential Hall Eon, UUM

It is basically a shared room with 2 persons
rental for every semester is about rm 300++
including bed, cupboard, table, chair, wifi, water and electricity
also, we need to share toilet and bath room with other hostel mates
and no hot water supplied for bath room!!!
for me, i am ok with it.... but for others i dont know le....

if u lazy to load with the video
here i have some pictures about my room^^
please forgive my a little bit messy room ya!!!

This is the last semester i stay in hostel uum
i think i gonna miss all the happy moment that i spend in this room
and big thanks to my roommate 
because i am really a lazy and messy person!!!
i use to simply put my things any where
especially my study table and my bed are full with my suff all the time
if i clean it, then 1 hour after that will be mess again!
i think if Liew Mami is here with me
she is going to nag me all the time
Mami Liew will said that
''how can a girl's room be so messy...why you don't want keep your things properly???''
haha haha haha^^

how i wish there is room service available here
and i am willing to pay for it 
if and only if the price is reasonable la
i am a poor girl too...

so i hope you guys enjoy with my blog post today
I got to rush my assignment now...=.=


  1. ur room is actually quite look like the hostel room in UTP, also like a room, shared toilet, and bathroom and not hot water, just the cold shower only. And the cupboard also hanging on the wall. But their hostel have a big rectangular mirror attached on the wardrobe. Rm300 per sem quite cheap ler~~~ me here Rm270 per month exclude wifi, water and eletricity~~~

    1. HAHA... super cheap but i think if i ask u to stay here u will say NO to me lo...
      MY uni is located inside the JUNGLE!!! 20MINUTES drive to the nearest town!!!!
      when is you turn??? room tour to you kampar hostel...

  2. Your blog is so cute! :D
    I have followed your blog. Mind to follow back? :)

    1. thanks for visiting my blog and followed me^^
      your blog is awesome too^^ i have followed le^^ <3

  3. Hi, I am a "clean freak" lol I am very particular about the cleanliness, I just want to know how is the cleanliness of uum hostel? I saw another blog post that said uum hostel is really bad bla bla and I got so scared because I applied for so many courses in UUM. And how is the condition of the bathroom? The other post said about 30+ people will share the same bathroom. Is that true? Please answer, it means a lot to me. Thank you so much!

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  5. love to see such great article, as hostel life is most charming life ever, there are some common myth about hostel i.e; safety, dirty or dank and drunk environments etc but these are not liable and just myths. yhe thing that matter is just that you choose hostel which suits you according to your mood and bidget